Cuppies & Joe

December 20, 2008

I am nestled in one of the warm corners of a sweet new shop on 23rd st. – Cuppies and Joe. The house-made-cafe is a charming little place, overflowing with the smells of fresh cupcakes and coffee. Complete with the house’s original hardwood floors and bookshelves, and the inviting colors and patterns of an artist, the place is an irresistible place to spend an afternoon. (Especially on a cold, winter’s day!)

It is owned and run by a local family – the mother and three daughters do all the baking. Cupcakes gain a new status, transformed from a child’s birthday novelty, to a divine after dinner treat or midafternoon sweet morsel. Experience flavors like Italian cream, poppy seed with berries, peanut butter and chocolate, carrot cake, and many more. Unpretentious and handmade, each cuppie offers real ingredients and a bit of happiness! For the environmentally aware, the coffee comes from a local roaster, and the to-go cups are compost-able!

Such home-grown places inspire me, and I hope someday Tyler and I can have our very own coffee/bakery/soup sort of place!


5 Responses to “Cuppies & Joe”

  1. calicorebellion said

    Cupcakes… FOR THE BIG DOGS!

  2. Lisa said

    Abi, I am happy, happy that you have started blogging and what a tantalizing first post! Let’s meet! I love you, keep writing and sharing your thoughts and experiences. I love you and am quite proud to say your are my darlin’ daughter! xo

  3. ams said

    goodness, yes, yes please. [to the opening of a hopkins’ homegrown establishment]
    welcome back to writing sister…

  4. Christi said

    I have an idea!!!
    Homegrown Hops’– Read…your yummy food creations plus Tyler’s affinity for beer!
    The name “Hops” includes the apostrophe to show ownership for the Hopkins namesake, but also gives shout-out to the beer ingredient!!! Yummmmm!

  5. itsawonderfullife said

    Where did you get this pic? Did you take it? As I mentioned our nutrition curriculum in a recent reply, Hannah and I have taken some of the pics of our dishes in the curriculum. I do LOVE the pics you took in your Dec. 29th and Jan. 2nd posts. I need some pointers!!!

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