January 7, 2009

I am spending the week in St. Louis with my family. This city is full of beautiful places, history, art, and wonderful food and drink! Today, my Mom and I stumbled across this wonderful little grocery called Local Harvest. Stocked from floor to ceiling with good eats, they boast over 50% of their store to come from 150 mile radius of the city. We bought some wonderful espresso dark chocolate! They have a cafe next door which I hope to make it to tomorrow.

For lunch, we wandered over to Maplewood to a neighborhood favorite – Schlafly Bottleworks. The microbrewery brews a handful of delicious beers which are sold all over Missouri. The bottling plant also has a little restaurant where we settled in for some grub and brewskies. I had the Hefeweizen, an unfiltered wheat beer, and my mom the Pale Ale – both to our liking. We also gave the coffee stout a taste – brewed with Kaldi’s own coffee. Very interesting – a bit overwhelming for my palate! Hefeweizen married well with my chipotle black bean burger with Gouda cheese, spinach leaves and sirachi aoli!

A few blocks over, we dropped by Archangels Gift Shop – a little icon store owned by an endearing Russian Orthodox couple. Theodore, with his foot-long grey beard and round rimmed glasses, showed us around the shop, offering a dozen stories of the saints, his family, and the store. He was so dear! One icon in particular struck me. Upon my inquiry of who this fellow was, to my delight, Theodore shared with me the story of St. Euphrosynos the Cook! How appropriate! Mother and I exchanged the look, knowing that this little jewel needed to be purchased and promptly hung in my kitchen.

St. Euphrosynos
This evening, Lori and I drove around downtown, singing to the Rent soundtrack with all our being. We drove past the City Museum, where Tyler proposed just over a year ago, and wound up at gelato shop, warm and inviting, where we indulged in a sweet treat and talked as only sisters do. A stroll through Whole Foods (which stays open to 11!) to end the night, and a warm bed to return to.

Local foods, microbreweries, religious icons, family. And I am just happy as a clam.


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  1. amber said

    sweet indeed.
    hurrah for space & place & home…

    please send my love to the house with the red door. [and Kaldi’s, too!]

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