Big Truck Tacos

July 30, 2009


The much anticipated Big Truck Tacos opened their bricks-and-morter restaurant yesterday. Reclaiming an old drive-in-style building on 23rd Street, they put fresh coats of brightly colored paint on picnic tables and walls, inviting a new life to the place. The small cafe area has a vibrant feel with raised tables and bar stools. On every table are three bottles of their homemade salsas: OMG (a creamy, intensely spicy sauce), tomatillo with cilantro, and roasted tomato. Each one was so fresh and tasty.

Big Truck made their debut a few weeks back in what is the appendage of their cafe – a real deal, on the move, taco truck. The truck travels to different parts of the city for post-dinner eaters to benefit from – often in front of bars, or other night hot spots. The truck can be followed on Twitter.

On this overcast afternoon, we walked over to give the place a try. I often decide I love a new place before I even try it, which can set me up for disappointment. Big Truck Tacos did not disappoint. Welcomed upon entering, we settled onto a bar stool to mull over the extensive menu of tacos, burritos, salads, and other options.

We decided to start with chips and queso. The queso was thick and salty, light in color, and rich in taste. Tyler went for the Beef Al Carbon – Urban Coffee Company-rubbed grilled Skirt Steak, with roasted onions and peppers. I got the Okie Baha – Marinated Tilapia with jicama-cabbage slaw. And of course we also had to try the Crispy’cado – Fried Avocado, romaine, tomatillo salsa, and queso fresco.

Served with two cold 1919 Choc beers, we enjoyed every last bite of our lunch. Not only was the food delicious, fresh, and creative, it is also cheep at most tacos ringing in at around $3.00. Big Truck also offers breakfast and a variety of bottled beers.

We are excited to support this local business as they serve up creative, gourmet street-style tacos. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


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