summer days: Wren Song

August 17, 2009







As classes resume, I can look back over summer days and be grateful for many  sweet times, beautiful tears, and new growth. One of the most memorable times of my passed summer days was the brief time I traveled with with my sister to visit our brother Jonathan. He spent the hot months at a unique place called Wren Song – a little self-sustaining, electricity/petroleum free community in northern Missouri. It was there that he lived in a barn loft, tended to goats and gardens, and learned quite a bit about kindness and love, dedication and hard-work. Twenty-four hours of hospitality from the kind-hearted people there was such a joy to expereince. Food fresh from the garden: a salad of kale, carrots, and beets. Fresh basil pesto and hot sauce. An egg fritata. And of course, fresh goat cheese! We went around the table and said what we were grateful for. . . this land, my brother. The quiet of away and the beauty of stars, hiking through untouched land and waking to bleating goats.

I honor and respect my brother deeply and loved my little time with him. He is precious.


2 Responses to “summer days: Wren Song”

  1. Clarissa said

    He is precious, Abi. I so enjoyed gettting to spend a little time with him when your parents were here earlier this month.

    He is in my prayers as he bikes and learns even more about agriculture. He is a unique young man and I am glad I know him. (plus he is totally adorable!!) 🙂

    I loved hearing about Wren Song and wish I could have seen it and experienced a little of it. I’m glad you got to!

  2. jansen said

    god that looks nice. great photos abi!

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