August 27, 2009

love you smell :: Olivia Jeffries

love you smell :: Olivia Jeffries

The changing of seasons is undoubtably one of the most gracious pieces of the human expereince. A new schedule,weather system, and line up of vegetables re-energizes me. My heart lends itself to the blank slate of a new time, and is inspired to re-examine and re-explore places that have gotton lost in the hot, dragging on of summer days.

This new season includes much time to be in both the ceramics and the painting studio. I feel room to explore the dirty walls and really try to make something beautiful. I did not engage the visual arts much this summer, but much like riding a bike, I remembered quickly how it all works and how much I dearly love the process::

The smell of mineral spirits and oil paint. The way my body aches after wedging clay and throwing pots. The continual messiness that is my hair, face, clothing, car, etc. An excuse to go to Porch’s Art supplies and dream about what gorgeous paper or new shades of color can be transformed into. Late nights leaving campus, wandering into the starlit night with deep satisfaction. Granola and water and coffee for many meals. The quiet of self and the gentle interactions with classmates and professors.

This is a space and time that I love. The rain came down hard last night, with thunder and lightening that are special to Oklahoma skies. The porch held us graciously with its twinkle lights and wine. In our hearty conversation and honest confessions we welcomed in the unknown days, the shift of season, and the hope of something more whole.


2 Responses to “”

  1. amberlainey said

    “… and the hope of something more whole.”
    oh amen and amen.

    someday, when i’ve saved my pennies, i’d like to commission you dear sister.

  2. jansen said

    but how many moths and beetles had to die by guthrie’s paw that night so that we might enjoy our evening?
    we must never forget!

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