the secrets of a long life.

September 3, 2009

In November 2005, National Geographic came out with an article called: Longevity: The Secrets of a Long Life. I was recently reminded of the study in an NPR podcast.

Something about it haunts me. The study found three people groups around the world, residents of Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; and Loma Linda, California who had the greatest life expectancy. They studied their lifestyles and found that their relationship with food, with other people, and their daily purpose/stress level significatly altered their lifespan.

I wonder about the fast speed of life we live in America, the processed foods, the broken families and frienships. I wonder about the lack of faith we have. About how we neglect the wholeness of body, soul, and mind. And how depression, anxiety, and lonliness reside in our hearts.

We have so much to learn.


One Response to “the secrets of a long life.”

  1. jansen said

    interesting reading.
    but now my chest kinda hurts, and my left arm is going numb…

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