El Anatsi at UNTITLED

September 21, 2009


On Friday night, we biked down to the [ARTSPACE] at UNTITLED for the opening reception of El Anatsi’s large scale sculptures. The work was stunning, to say the least. The three pieces covered the walls and invaded the spacious warhouse-turned-gallery, utilizing recycled aluminum and copper wiring. The metal served as a sort of fabric to construct larger than life tapestries that spoke both of El Anatsui’s native lands in Africa, and his immaculate understand of shape, space, and material.

The intricate weavings of metal were shaped to have an ebb and flow with the wall. They came out into the viewer’s space, and were suggestive of folds of skin, or a blanket hanging off a chair. The colors were striking, placed strategically throughout the raw aluminum pieces, causing the eye to move graciously over the material. The sculptures had a surprisingly organic feel with their sensuous curves, despite the inorganic material used.

I always look forward to the shows that come through at UNTITLED. They are impeccably curated and always interesting. It is a space that challenges art in Oklahoma City, and encourages the dialogue that is essential for a community to grow creatively.


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