November 23, 2009

I just finished this painting. I am afraid the image is a bit of a poor representation because each one of the three canvases is three by three feet. At any rate, it will give you an idea. The detail of the flower, below, shows that I have started working with my paint much thicker. (Inspiration coming from Frank Auerbach and Anselm Kiefer.)

I am beginning to explore personal history, and the relationship between childhood/adulthood, innocence/realization, light/dark and the place of love in this often unforgiving world. The inspiration for this painting comes from a photograph of my brother and I in our childhood. It is something of leaving home, the treachery and confusion, and hope.

I am constantly learning and growing, and am always happy to dialogue about my work.


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  1. Clarissa said

    First of all, I am so proud of you for posting some of your work! (not that your baking/cooking is not artwork, because it really is a different sort of art) I am not a critic–not even knowledgeable enough to say an amateur critic, but I loved seeing these!

    Secondly, I think my favorite thing about these pictures is the flow of the road throughout them. It is the same road that comes from the house and yet, it is a little different in each segment.

    I love the lack of detail because it could be anyone, on any road, coming from any house. I love that the children are closer to the flowers in the final section. As if they’ve stepped forward toward them or toward us.

    As soon as I saw the pictures, I thought that it looked like two children leaving home. They don’t appear to be running away and I like that. They have one another to lean on and home is still there for them. I like the house and the way you
    did the windows/door and it appears there is a small (unintentional?) representation of a cross. I like the way it looks unintentional whether it was or not.

    I read your notes about the work AFTER I looked at the paintings up close, so I have to tell you that I believe you achieved the feelings you were going for in this painting.

    I like the thicker texture, Abi. Keeping working at it! I enjoyed looking at these and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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