on going to the zoo

March 25, 2010

these days, things have been moving by at a quickening pace with less and less certainty. spring is trying to make its comeback in these parts; sun and snow. there are plenty of question marks about the future, seasons of life and comfortability coming to an and. love is difficult and optimism seem to cost. when just finishing what i started (namely school) seems a tall order, and paris feels like the only redemption. when i am running circles around myself in my head of what to do and not do, how to act, not act, what to love, who and how to love. engaging the little world of me and my to do list. how do i become better?

and on a wednesday afternoon, the white wine from the night before still lingering, grey clouds and single, fat drops of rain. with a gracious, unexpected chunk of time, my dear friend said, how about we go to the zoo?


i had no idea that $7 would provide me with one of the most delightful afternoons in recent history. it was not on the list. it was not part of the plan. it didn’t even feel like the guilty pleasures of formulated self care that i try to implement for balance.

it was a surprise. lots of surprises. the grace of the sealions as they come up for air. with britsh accents and old man whiskers they shared their wisdom. the meerkats stood guard. with a look so fierce on a creature so little all i could do was laugh. bison, birds, and a sincere wonder if the cougar would maul the man with the strange hat.

then there were the three gorillas. a species so close to our own. a cognitive connection. and there we were: the mama, papa, and son. the restlessness in the little one captivated me, as i felt that if it were socially acceptable, i might put a leaf on my head and beat my chest from time to time.

dear animals, though i only experienced you from a distance, you helped bring a bit of wonder and goodness to my life – if only for a moment. and for that i am thankful.


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