reverb10: [wonder]

December 4, 2010

Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

Cultivating a sense of wonder is an intentional task in a culture of wonder-less, wandering folks, who have, by and large, lost the ability to find wonder in the everyday. We so easily cling to the sentimentalism and nostalgia of our youth, groping for the child-like awe and surprise that once filled us.

It seems not only good, but absolutely essential to cultivate the ability to have open receptors to wonder. I have spent the last year refining my wonder receptors in the area of food. It is at the market or grocer, on the pages of a cookbook, and most poignantly in the kitchen, where I am brought back to the awe that brings life…

The joy of living with an urban gardener, who with her own hands, cultivates the ground to bring forth edible plant life, which we have the joy to eat.

The phenomenon of adding yeast to water, flour, and salt, and watching a loaf of bread be born.

The color of summer produce, in all its variety and boldness.

The potential of a new recipe, a new method, or a new ingredient.

The aroma of onions browning in butter, a fruit pie baking, or grinding fresh spices.

The pleasure of experiencing texture, color, smell, and taste, while being nourished.

The excitement that comes with each season’s bounty.

… and the closeness among people as they share a meal together.


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