reverb10: [make]

December 6, 2010

Make: What was the last thing that you made? What materials did you use? Is there something that you want to make, but you need to clear some time for?

Making is the act of putting pieces together to create something that was not there before. I spend my days making cupcakes at a small bakery, I spend my nights making new recipes in an outdated kitchen. From time to time, I make art, gluing and painting and getting things together.

Making a life for oneself does not happen in a moment, or an afternoon, or maybe even a week. It is not an instant act that creates a life, but rather the culmination of movements toward something that is good.

Make a friend.
Make a memory.
Make an investment.
Make dinner.
Make do.
Make artwork.
Make love.
Make or break.
Make cookies.
Make the right choice.
Make money.
Make dreams.
Make believe.

Using what?

Glue sticks, wax, thread.
Red wine.
Burt’s Bees.
Open hands.
Blank pages.
Green dutch oven.
A good book.
Flour, butter, sugar.
Warm socks.
A jade plant.
The Essential New York Times Cook Book.
Grey flannel bed sheets.
Cupcakes and espresso.
Good black ink pen.
Hot tea.

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