December 20, 2010

I flew into Saint Louis yesterday afternoon to spend the week of Christmas with my family. I was met with a bit of snow remaining on the ground, and news of the untimely death of a family friend. It is difficult to understand why these sort of things happen, but the truth is, we may never know. And we have to make peace somehow.

Growing up, whenever I asked my Mom or Dad what they wanted for Christmas, they always just replied, “Peace on earth.” Even if the response was in jest, it rings so much truth in my heart this year, as death and brokenness remain. Pray for peace, and look to the manger.

So it is with heavy, yet hopeful hearts that we look towards the week ahead. For the first time in a while it will be just us. And because we love each other so much and have so much to celebrate, we will cook, and bake, and drink, and be merry. Gifts to give, songs to sing, games to play. We will stop our lives and responsibilities, quiet our aches, and join together behind the red door on Seminary Terrace. We have so much. We have each other.

[photo credit: Lisa Lessing]


One Response to “peace”

  1. Deana said

    Oh honey, this is beautiful! — I’m so sorry you’re heart is hurting – for which ever and all the reasons it hurts. Those are tough, tough seasons. I gathered from your post on letting go – and the rocks in Michigan that you’ve had a rough year. Praying that things get better for you. I love you, always and still — Deana

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