from dust we came

March 9, 2011

During the next forty days, I will be engaging the season of Lent with a number of artists in the greater Oklahoma City area. The project is called from dust we came. Tonight we gathered, among our hurried lives to be quiet, turn our hearts inward, and remember – from dust we came, and to dust we shall return.

Something of humility to be reminded of my mortality in such a visceral way: ashes placed on my forehead. Formed from the ground and to the ground I will be given back to. Lent is a season celebrated by the church, but has many themes that run throughout nature, death and life, and the frailty we see daily. It is part of the cycle of the seasons, and can act as a time to self-reflect, as well as transition out of winter’s cold into the newness of spring.

dust and ashes / darkness / death / springed-winter / bright-sadness / in-between / pilgrimage / liminal space / downward-ascent / dehumanization / rehumanization / stripping away / being laid bare / taking on / giving up / surrendering / embracing / desert / garden / kiss / betrayal / cup of suffering / double journey toward God and self / mirror / to awaken and watch / unvarnished truth /

I hope to document parts of the artistic process here, sharing sketches, writings, and completed works.

Also, follow the blog: fromdustwecame


Photo credit: Bill Fink


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